Announcing Fellows Programs Class Agents

The DLC Board is pleased to announce the new class agent program. The primary responsibility of a class agent is keeping in contact with their Annual and Management Fellows classmates. If you would like to share any news, views, career updates, or personal updates with the DLC community, please reach out to your former Fellows classmates!

The class agents are:
Annual Fellows
1995 – Cara Sodos
1996 – David Korajczyk
1997 – Open
1998 – Open
1999 – Mark Warner
2000 – Bridget Luby
2001 – Cory King
2002 – Amy Bucciere
2003 – Kevin Dick
2004 – Magdalena Slowik
2005 – Sean Scanlon
2006 – Craig Morris
2007 – Jorja Porter
2008 – Liz Condon
2009 – Veronica Vidal

Management Fellows
2007 – Sarah Morris
2008 – Jen VanValkenburg
2009 – Chris Scott

To reach your Agent, please visit the DLC LinkedIn page and either reply to the Class Agent discussion or connect with your class agent via your shared membership in the DLC LinkedIn group.

If you are interested in the class agent program, please contact Eric Horner at

Thank you for staying in touch!

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