How Have You Benefited from DLC Programming?

The DLC Board is collecting testimonials from Annual and Management Fellows, sponsoring organizations, and partners. How has participating in a Fellows programs benefited you? What have you gained from attending DLC Philanthropy Forecasts? If you would recommend a DLC program to a colleague, what would you recommend and why? If you have invested in an employee’s professional development by sponsoring her or him in a DLC program, how have you benefited from that investment?

Share your testimonials with us! It might read something like this recent testimonial:

“My participation in both the Annual Fellows and the Management Fellows programs have shaped my professional network in a meaningful way by providing the opportunity to connect with colleagues in an intimate and educational setting. I really do value my experience in both programs.”

Please share your testimonial on our LinkedIn page or in the comment box below. Thank you for sharing how you’ve benefited from DLC programming!

1 Response to “How Have You Benefited from DLC Programming?”

  1. 1 Eric Horner August 2, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    My experiences in the Annual Fellows and Management Fellows have been invaluable to my career in philanthropy. I was a career changer, by taking part in the Annual Fellows I was able to gain a baseline knowledge about all the other areas in our field in an efficient manner. Through the Management Fellows program, I developed the tools to manage my program and get the most out of our interactions with other departments. Some of the proposals I developed in that class became the templates I used for current presentations and the feedback I had already received is priceless. Additionally, the DLC programs have connected me with a strong network of colleagues and mentors in philanthropy whom I regularly consult for their opinion.

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