New Annual and Management Fellows

The DLC is delighted to announce participants in the 2012-2013 Annual and Management Fellows programs.

2012-2013 Annual Fellows:
Kelly Albrecht
Sean Allen
Margot Buermann
Annie Carter
Ellen Clarke
Sasha Doyle-Weiss
Lisa Dutton
Mary Hayes
Lauren Kreibich
Samantha Kyrkostas
Andrea Minor
Nikki Morton
Mary Penn
Marie Roth
Joe Villinski
Erica Weiss
Monica Wojtyna

2012-2013 Management Fellows:
Rudy Ash
Jennifer Beightley
Kristy Conway
Cayce Dumont
Stephanie Thies Geier
Sarah Klein
Courtney Kohout
Stephanie Oberhausen
Jamie Revord
Terri Scales



1 Response to “New Annual and Management Fellows”

  1. 1 Norman Siegal January 10, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Want application to be part of the Fellow program

    (Eric Horner emailed -1/29/13)

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